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Welcome to the Cucumber Linux Distribution


Cucumber Linux 1.1 Beta 1 is now Available

The first beta for Cucumber Linux 1.1 is here! As we move into beta, we will begin rigorously testing the new and updated packages in preparation for the stable 1.1 release. At this time, we are envisioning having another beta release at the end of November, followed by the first release candidate in mid to late December.

You can go get the installable ISOs at the new and improved download page. As always, the full list of changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.

Posted November 19, 2017

Work Begins on Cucumber Linux 1.1

Work as officially begun on Cucumber Linux 1.1. This version will be a minor release, upgrading only a few packages and adding few new packages. Most notably, PHP will be upgraded to PHP 7.2 and we will be adding an FTP server, Mailserver and DNS server. Cucumber Linux 1.1 will be released around December 2017/January 2018.

For more information and to follow the development of Cucumber Linux 1.1, take a look at our new development blog at

Posted October 4, 2017

Cucumber Linux Support and Discussion Forum

Cucumber Linux now has a Support and Discussion Forum at This provides users with a faster way to get support and a place to discuss the distribution. A huge thanks goes out to Jeremy and all the friendly people at for hosting and moderating the forum. See you on there.

Posted September 1, 2017

Cucumber Linux 1.0 has been Released

After over one year of development, we are excited to finally announce that Cucumber Linux version 1.0 has been released! We believe that this release holds true to the original mission of Cucumber Linux: to create a usable, practical Linux Distribution without Systemd that follows the Unix Philosophy, useable as both a desktop and server distribution. This release of Cucumber Linux comes with a rich array of features, including (but not limited to): the Linux Kernel version 4.9 LTS, GNU Userspace utilities, System V Init, Apache 2.4, MariaDB 10.1, PHP 5.6, Xorg 7.7, XFCE 4.12, Firefox and Thunderbird version 52 and LibreOffice 5.3.

This version of Cucumber Linux will enjoy over 10 months of full support, followed by an additional four months of selective support, putting the end of life date at September 30, 2018. Version 1.1 will be released at least 3 months before the end of full support, so there will be plenty of time to upgrade your systems when the time comes. For more information see the supported versions page.

So what are you waiting for? Go get the 1.0 release of Cucumber Linux at the download page. As always, the full list of changes can be found in the CHANGELOG.

Posted July 10, 2017

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Thanks to the friendly folks at for hosting the Cucumber Linux project!