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Basic Edition ISO vs. Full Edition ISO

Starting with snapshot 2017-01-06 the distribution has grown too large to fit on a single CD. In order to deal with this dilema, we will be releasing two ISO images per architecture for each release. The first image is the basic ISO. This image contains only the base package groups, but still fits on a single CD. The second is the full ISO which contains all of the available packages. It is over 700 MB in size though, so it will require a DVD or USB flash drive. For more information about this see the Basic vs. Full Edition page.

Most Recent Downloads

Latest Stable Release - 1.0

Released July 10, 2017

i686 (32 bit) - basic ISO | full ISO

x86_64 (64 bit) - basic ISO | full ISO

ISO file checksums and PGP signatures can be found at

All Downloads

The installation ISOs, binary packages and source tree are available for download via http at or rsync at rsync:// The current tree is the current development branch. This is where all the interesting stuff happens. It is also the tree you should patch. The other trees represent the various other releases.

Installation Help

To help people who are new to Cucumber Linux we have created a handy installation guide, which is available at this wiki page.

System Requirements

For the best results when installing Cucumber Linux, your computer should meet the following requirements:

  • Pentium Pro or newer Intel/AMD processor for the 32 bit edition. The 64 bit edition requires a 64 bit Intel/AMD processor.
  • 256 MB of RAM. Cucumber Linux can run with less RAM than this, however the standard installer requires 256 MB to decompress the initrd. Installation on systems with less RAM is possible however via some clever hacking.
  • A full installation of all the available packages requires 6+ GB of available hard drive space. This is the recommended way to install Cucumber Linux.

Purchase an Installation CD/DVD

If you would rather not download an ISO image yourself, Cucumber Linux also sells official installation media. The cost is $4 (plus shipping) for the basic editions, and $5 (plus shipping) for the full editions. We currently only ship to the Contiguous United States.

We will be creating a better store in the future. In the interim, please email your order to to make a purchase.


Thanks to the friendly folks at for hosting the Cucumber Linux project!